Automatic Aluminium Profiles Packaging Lines

Aluminium packaging systems

The prospect of the Company is directed to a continuous process of research and development, and allows the technical staff of AGE to design and manufacture products and solutions, able to meet at best all the requirements of the modern industrial automations system for aluminium profiles packaging lines.

aluminium packaging systems

Innovation of aluminium packaging systems

We have available a wide range of machines modules, which solve a particular packaging need, or help the customer with a specific automation need in the material flow.

From very basic to the most automated line, we offer a range of proven layouts, which can be anyway adapted from case to case.

We are provided of the latest 3D design softwares, which allow us to verify every single stage of the design process.

We control all the production phases of packaging lines during the construction and assembly, in order to guarantee the best quality and care of all the details.

Countries where to find our aluminum packaging systems

You can find our aluminium packaging systems in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, South Africa, Algeria, Egypt, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada, Ecuador, ecc… See our references page.

aluminium packaging systems

Aluminium packaging systems by AGE

Our philosophy is to provide to our customers a set of solutions, which can be combined in lines for the required packaging needing.

This strategy allows us to supply a line with the most performant elements, matching the required material flow, reducing the total costs.