Anodizing Lines


The anodizing lines process essentially consists of an electro-chemical transformation of the surface of objects made of aluminium or its alloys.

The anodizing lines process is carried out in an electrolytic bath where the object is placed in correspondence with the anode, the aluminium is covered by an oxide layer at the expense of the treated surface.

In the atmosphere, aluminium is spontaneously covered by itself with a very thin oxide layer, which may be considered a passivation product able to protect the underlying metal from subsequent corrosion.

However, natural oxidation of aluminium does not give very adherent layers, while artificial, anodical oxidation gives layers which are permanently adherent and much thicker, giving thus the metal a very tenacious consistency and hardness.

Anodizing lines: innovations

The anodic oxidation of aluminium, which may be considered an accelerated passivation process, has nowadays acquired great importance, and is one of the best conquest of modern light metal protection techniques.

Anodically oxidized aluminium is employed for the most now widely used, both for its exceptional hardness and for its anti-corrosion, color-anchoring, electric-insulation, high.

The main purpose therefore of the anodizing of architectural aluminium shapes is to obtain a material keeping a decorative appearance as long as possible, even though exposed to highly corrosive atmospheres, such as those of towns, industrial and seashore areas.

Nowadays, the most widespread technique is the sulphuric acid procedure.

This type of anodizing procedure is generally preferred because it allows to obtain a good quality anodic oxide; and also thanks to its relative simplicity of installation and operation economicity.

Aluminium anodizing lines in the world

Our aluminium anodizing plants are scattered all over the world: Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, Spain, France, Portugal … For a complete list, see the references page.

Aluminium surface treatments today

Aluminium anodizing is still the treatment offering the best guarantee for the protection of aluminium products, an aluminium surface treatment which is better than any other known, such as painting, chemical oxidation, etc