Our company is a leader in Anodizing, Finishing and Packaging lines for aluminium profiles


specialized in the industrial automation, today is known as a leading Company in the Design and Production of Machines and Equipments at the Highest Standard of quality for the Fully Automatic Handling Systems for Anodizing, Finishing and Packaging lines for aluminium profiles.

The prospect of the Company is directed to a continuous process of research and development and allows the technical staff of GAZZANI ENGINEERING srl to design and manufacture products and solutions able to meet at best all the requirements of the modern industrial automation systems for aluminium surface treatments and packaging.
In G.E. we follow the latest advanced technologies from the design to construction of our equipment.
All the equipment and machinery are pre-assembled and tested in our facilities before being shipped to the customer, in order to reduce the startup times.

We know how important is to meet the customer satisfaction, and our priority is to keep high our standards.

AGE – Gazzani engineering around the World

We are constantly in contact with the customer throughout the design till the commissioning, and he will know before what he will get in the end.
With us our customers never get surprises, as they will get what they were expecting!
As our customers give us the key points for the project, such as productivity, finishing and logistic, then we can propose our solutions which best fit to reach the goal.

We control all the production phases during the construction and assembly, in order to guarantee the Best Quality and care of the details.

We are proud of our Made in Italy!

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