Design of anodizing plants

Engineering and design of fully automatized anodizing plants

The design of aluminium anodizing plants requires a lot of skills, which can only be acquired within many years of experience.

It is a project path, which requires a long knowhow as it includes mix of elements, from electrical to hydraulic and chemical engineering.

Our long experience in the field of design of aluminium anodizing plants allows us to quickly provide solutions to the companies which are looking to set up a new anodizing facility, or even upgrade the existing one to a fully automatic and more performant plant.

Design of anodizing plants: service innovation

We are constantly in contact with the customer throughout the design till the commissioning, and they will know in advance what they will get in the end.

With us, our customers never get surprises, as they will get what they are expecting.

As our customers give us the key points for the project, such as productivity, finishing and logistic, then we can propose our solutions which best fit to reach the goal.

As a support for our customers, we supply an high evoluted Engineering packet, made of designs and constructions drawings, in order to put the customer in easy conditions to produce as much as possible, or find the most convenient local suppliers, under our specifications and our construction’s projects, in order to save as much as possible manpower and transportation costs.

Design of anodizing plants: our references

You can see some of our references in the Design of anodizing plants section.