Film application machine for aluminium profiles

Adhesive tape machine model GE-4F300E-CBM

This Adhesive tape machine is specially designed for laminating thin protection film onto stainless steel profiles, plastic steel profiles and aluminium profiles.

Film application machine for aluminium profiles: main features

  1. High quality transmission system, smooth running without noise.
  2. The flexible adjusting bar fixed in the machine can have the film distance being adjusted rapidly and effectively and guarantee the positioning be done precisely.
  3. Using swift rapid changing and clamping device, the angle and direction of the pinch roller can be changed in a short time to adapt to the cross section of different profiles. As a result, productivity can be greatly enhanced.
  4. Mechanical / pneumatic fully automatic device for cutting the film at 360°, all around any covered face of the profile. The system is provided by four individual cutting blades, and the functioning can be selected or for up and down faces, or left and right, or all faces together.
  5. The cutting operation is automatically detected by an encoder counting system and operated with two covered profiles in stop conditions.
  6. Easy to operate and user-friendly.

Where to find our film application machine for aluminium profiles

You can find film application machine for aluminium profiles in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, South Africa, Algeria, Egypt, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada, Ecuador, etc…

See our references page for more informations.

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