Fully automated anodizing plants

Fully Automatized Anodizing Plants for Aluminium Profiles

In AGE we follow the latest advanced technologies, from the design to the construction of our equipment.

All the equipment and machinery are pre-assembled and tested in our facilities, before being shipped to the customer, in order to reduce startup times

We are world specialists in high reliable equipment for automatic handling systems and automation equipment for the aluminium anodizing plants.

Fully automatic cranes, transferring systems and process controls are our specialty, to provide to our customers the maximum performances, repeatability, quality and productivity.

fully automated anodizing plants

Fully automated anodizing plants: innovations

The advantages of a fully automated anodizing plants are not only the possibility of moving the bridge cranes automatically, but also the following:

  • Firstly, an automatic aluminium anodizing plant guarantees a larger repeatability of the processing phases, and consequently, a productive and qualitative standard much higher than an analogous plant, managed manually.
  • Due to the constant dripping times and the scheduled slope angle of the charges during the immersion and emersion and in the movement from one tank to another, there is a considerable reduction of the transport of polluted solution and, consequently, a remarkable reduction of mud production in the waste water treatment plant.
  • Remarkable reductions in labour costs for the managing of the plant, because just one operator is required in the aluminium anodizing line for the supervision of the computerized equipment and for the final visual check of the colour after every electrocolouring treatment.
  • Constant repeatability of the oxide thickness and colours required, achieved by using microprocessor presetters Mod. ANOTRON-SG-8 and CHROMEALU-SG-8 connected to the automation system.
  • Constant and automatic optimization of the dosages of the chemical products, especially for what concerns the reinstatement of sulphuric acid inside the oxide tanks, of the tin sulphate for the electrocolouring tanks and of the composite products for the sealing tanks.
  • Constant monitoring and thermoregulation of the temperatures of the various process tanks.
  • Moreover, several other functions such as the switching on / off of rectifiers and transformers, the opening and closing of electrical contacts of anodic bars, the handling of transfer carriages, etc…, are automated.

Fully automated anodizing plants in the world

Our fully automated anodizing plants are scattered all over the world: Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, Spain, France, Portugal … For a complete list, see the references page.

We know how important is to meet the customer satisfaction, and our priority is to keep high our standards.