Mechanical finishing for aluminium profiles

SHOTBLASTING MACHINE – GE TS 4/6: Shotblasting machine

Shot blasting machine for mechanical matt finishing of aluminium profiles by stainless steel microspheres

  • Total elimination of surface defects and imperfections due to the extrusion process.
  • Drastic reduction of mud production during the anodizing process of the aluminium, with further decrease of the elimination cost of the wastage.
  • Substantial increase of production in the anodizing cycle of the profiles.
  • Removal of the natural oxidation hues on the extruded profiles, caused by atmosphere agents during a long-lasting storage of the profiles themselves before being treated (painted or anodized).

Spare parts

GETS TURBINE: Turbine for shotblasting machine

For shotblasting/sandblast machine type GE-TS and similar model
Max speed 2900 rpm

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