Metal sheet adhesive tape machine

Protective PE film lamination machine – Model GE-SFL 1600 D

Our metal sheet adhesive tape machine main features are:

  • to coat protective film onto flat sheet surfaces, like: metal, glass, plastic, wood, mainly for protection from scratch, dirt, marks, dents during its handling, transportation.
  • to laminate PET, PVC film onto sheets like glass, plastic, wood mainly for decoration.

General technical data of our metal sheet adhesive tape machine

A. Max. working thickness: 45 mm
B. Usual working speed: about 10 m/min
C. Manual film cutting and with no heating
D. Only applicable for: the film with self-adhesive
E. Sheets transfer stands of lengths, working with the laminator

Where to find our metal sheet adhesive tape machine

You can find our metal sheet adhesive tape machine in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, South Africa, Algeria, Egypt, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada, Ecuador, etc…

See our references page for more informations.

Our goal

Our philosophy is to provide to our customers a set of solutions, which can be combined in lines for the required packaging needing.

This strategy allows us to supply a line with the most performant elements, matching the required material flow, reducing the total costs.