Packaging lines for aluminium profiles

According to the production needs, we are able to configure the proper layout for the profiles packaging based on the customer requirements. Our lines can work with different packing materials (stretch film, PE or paper) and reach configurable working speeds up to 48meters/min.

Customized packaging configuration

Adhesive tape machine for aluminium profiles

Machine for sticking adhesive protective film on extruded profiles over 4 sides. This machine is specially designed for laminating thin protection film onto stainless aluminium and PVC profiles

PE Film Lamination Machine for Sheets


Machine for protective film application on sheets (metal, wood, glass etc) on one or two sides.

Paper/PE sheet dispenser


Machine for cutting to length the sheets for interleaving the aluminium profiles : The operator can pre-set the quantity and the length of the sheet necessary for being interposed between the profiles during the package formation. The paper stretcher is predisposed for stretching sheets’ layers on an adequate platform, the sheets are cut out from spools of plastic material or paper, according to the requirements of the customer. The spool’s replacement device is simple and fast, and it does not require extraordinary operations.

Various packaging lines solutions


An innovative way to pack the aluminium profiles, one by one or in a blister.
This system is alternative to the conventional spiral wrapping and can reach a very outstanding speed of one profile every six seconds, no matter of what the section of the profiles.


The GE-BLISTAL  – S6 can be combined with all our other packaging systems, in order to cover all the aspects of the profiles protection.

Afterward profiles can be placed into cartoon boxes or cases.

Less packing material and more cost saving!

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