Shot Blasting Machine


Our company, for over 25 years operating in project and realization of totally automated anodizing plants, from ever particularly engaged in research and technological innovations applied to this field of aluminium surface treatment, has activated, in its company, a serial production of a shot blasting machine for the mechanical realization of a finishing effect on the aluminium profiles that can be compared and alternative to a chemical treatment, that can be obtained inside tanks with concentrated and heated sodas solutions.

The principle of working of this technological process is mainly based on a forced jet of stainless-steel microspheres on the surfaces of the profiles in advancement inside an adequate tunnel.
The mechanical action of the turbines takes place in 360°, therefore the profiles’ benches that enter the shot blasting tunnel, go out of the tunnel itself already matt-finished on their whole perimeter.

shotblasting machine

Shot blasting machine features

  • Total elimination of surface defects and imperfections due to the extrusion process.
  • Drastic reduction of mud production during the anodizing process of the aluminium, with further decrease of the elimination cost of the wastage.
  • Substantial increase of production in the anodizing cycle of the profiles.
  • Removal of the natural oxidation hues on the extruded profiles, caused by atmosphere agents during a long-lasting storage of the profiles themselves before being treated (painted or anodized).

The main prerogatives of this new shot blasting machine produced by our factory mainly consist of:

  • Firtsly, the rotation of the four turbines installed on the shot blasting machine tunnel are all independently controlled by a proper inverter and programmable in function of different kinds of profiles and different superficial effect required (more or less aggressive).
  • In addition, the shot blasting machine is equipped by an efficient powder and process residuals removing system which assures an excellent cleaning of the microspheres during their recycling operation. At the same time a special cyclone system of filters can discriminate and eliminate the broken microspheres from the efficient ones assuring a constant uniformity of the active sphere dimension on the aluminium surface.

Shot blasting machine references

You can find applications of our shotblasting machine in many countries, like Australia, China, Cyprus, Ecuador, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Malaysia, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, U.A.E., etc.

See our references page for further informations.